CRYPTO USE CASESEURS Stablecoin for the Web2 & Web3 companies

Neutral and transparent financial instrument:

  • zero conflict of interest with your business, banks & exchanges;
  • daily checks by auditors since the inception;
  • 100% backed by reliable liquid instruments
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Use Cases

DAO Treasuries

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations use EURS as the value of storage to rely on trusted digital assets tied to balance-sheet currency

Cross-border crypto settlement for your business

Experience global reach without intermediaries, benefit from immediate settlements and have the flexibility to convert your EURS balance into any desired currency

Crypto payments & acquiring

Get instant payments directly from your customers without relying on banking acquiring any more.
Our solution is already popular across online, crypto & NFT marketplaces, travel agencies, and card providers

Crypto payrolls for remote teams

Pay instantly while enjoying almost zero transaction fees and avoiding the need to deal with multiple currencies

Crypto arbitrage

Leverage trading & investment opportunities in crypto with EURS, enjoying flexibility and profitability across CEXes and DEXes

DeFi yield

Keeping your company's funds in EURS instead of Euro is far more profitable. Get higher income compared to traditional banking, and enjoy the added benefit of instant liquidity by swiftly withdrawing funds from "deposits" for seamless transactions with counterparties


STASIS platform provides Whitelabel stablecoin solution development – get your own branded digital currency pegged to fiat, commodities, and leverage the wide range of capabilities