EURSThe Most Transparent Digital Euro Money for EU and Beyond

Harness the power of digital assets in the fintech realm. EURS is the Apex of Web3-Enabled Stablecoins and the single most popular non-USD stablecoin globally

Get honest 1:1 rate
to fiat Euro
Zero fees for 1st purchase,
next purchase from 0.1% fee
Buy your first EURS
with SEPA or SWIFT
After that, buy EURS with
Visa and MasterCard
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You’ll get
Available blockchains:
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Private Customers

Most transparent stablecoin
Swap to any crypto
Spend with bank cards
Get passive yield in in DeFi
Institutional crypto
SIDES OF EURS Stablecoin
Decent benefits for every party

Institutional business

Transact unlimited amounts
zero conflict of interests
API and white label solutions, customization for your business use cases
Internet speed & 24/7/365 accessibility



Worldwide Reach

Launched the heart of EU fintech innovation, STASIS-issued EURS stablecoins are gaining momentum, recognized and used across 175 countries.
Legal euro stablecoin

Proven Legacy

Five years of unwavering transparency and regular audits by BDO Malta.
Central bank crypto

Unrivalled safety of funds

With a unique edge over many stablecoin providers, we keep our collateral euro safe in the Central Bank, away from commercial banking risks.
Usd stabelcoin

No exposure to USD risks

EURS stands out as a pure Euro stablecoin with no exposure to USD risks. We maintain complete autonomy from US banking systems and avoid using US dollars as collateral.

Seamlessly integrated with 8 major blockchains, EURS emphasizes the strength and adaptability in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency ecosystems.
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EURS in Numbers
Long story short
5 years on the market
€ 5,5 BLN transfered on-chain
€ 124 MLN peak supply
175 countries served
250K+ bank transfers / 0 failures
30+ listings in CeFi and DeFi