The most capital efficient bridge

Your ultimate solution for zero-liquidity cross-chain asset transfers
What is the STASIS Bridge?
Stasis benefits from a unique competitive edge in transferring tokens across different blockchains through the use of the EURS stablecoin minting process: the value of EURS is consistent across blockchains, always mirroring the value of the fiat Euro.
Leveraging a solid five-year history, EURS stands out as the most transparently audited fiat-backed stablecoin from the outset. The backing policy is directly linked to the Central Bank, ensuring reliability and trust.
The widespread acceptance of EURS within the DeFi space makes it a preferred choice for exchanging the most reliable cryptocurrency tokens.
This system provides a cost-effective and efficient pathway for token transfers across diverse networks.
Effective bridge technology allows users to move assets at next to zero fees
Seamless DeFi integration without LPs
Enjoy DeFi composability with EURS on top DEXs, offering cost-efficient pathways and straightforward API integration for the Stasis Bridge and other dApps
Facilitating atomic swaps
Utilize the HTLC (Hash-Time Locked Contract) for secure, third-party-free token swaps, streamlining exchanges with time-bound conditional payments
Rock-solid tech security
Stasis Bridge matches the security level of the supported blockchain with on-chain verification in smart contracts, ensuring robust protection
Accelerated transfers
Cross-chain swap speeds are only bound by the transaction completion times on the involved blockchains, ensuring swift transfers
Broad Chain Compatibility
Easily extend the bridge to new blockchains with the adaptable HTLCs, available for a wide range of networks.
Our Roadmap
Launch of Centralized Bridge
We'll kick-start with a proof-of-concept for a centralized, permissioned bridge. All transactions will undergo verification by Stasis
Transition to Decentralized Bridge
Moving forward, transactions will operate via time-limited smart contracts, marking our shift to a decentralized, permissionless framework
DeFi Integration
The bridge's core functionality will be smoothly integrated into leading decentralized exchanges and apps, significantly broadening our supported token range