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EURS —a collateralized stable coin designed to become the backbone of the crypto-economy

  • On-demand solution to acute liquidity needs

  • Countering the extreme volatility of crypto portfolios

  • Capital flow supply chain

  • Backed by currency reserves

STASIS is a revolutionary step towards combining the vast potential of the cryptocurrency market with the stability and reliability of traditional currencies.

EURS token is a virtual financial asset that is designed to digitally mirror the EURO on the condition that its value is tied to the value of its collateral.

This allows it to curb the extreme volatility inherent to many cryptocurrencies. Its compatibility with the traditional financial system allows professional investors to access the cryptocurrency market similar to how they operate in traditional financial systems.

We provide three verification streams to ensure the sufficiency and transparency of the balances for all STSS accounts:

  • Daily statements based on statements from the counterparty
  • Quarterly verification by a Big Four company
  • Verification by a Big Four company on demand of an onboarded entity
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How it works

We created a tokenized version of the euro that captures the benefits of blockchain technology and traditional finance.

Most prospective cryptocurrency holders are subject to considerable counterparty risk, extreme volatility of the cryptocurrency markets, and liquidity shortages. With EURS, we aim to provide solutions to these risks.

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For exchanges

By listing EURS, cryptocurrency exchanges obtain a promising stable token, which may be attractive to customers such as financial institutions and other professional investors as well as a payments instrument alternative to the traditional financial infrastructure.

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GR & Advisory

In 2017, many governments recognized blockchain-related businesses as a source of substantial future tax revenues and started competing as blockchain-friendly legal infrastructures.

The team behind STASIS intends to invest all of their experience to develop a comprehensive legal framework for asset digitalization.


Exante creates world’s first Bitcoin fund

Bitstamp partnership

Alpha generation through arbitrage opportunities and derivatives on BTC

ePayments partnership

Acquisition of minority stake in Bitfinex

Сollaborations with several jurisdictions to introduce stable coin legal framework

  • STASIS Book published
  • Consulted several Governments on digital assets
  • STASIS legal concept created
  • Contributed to Virtual Financial Assets Act on Malta
  • STASIS Wallet with ETH/EURS exchange released
  • Community token concept created
  • EURS emission
  • BTC/EURS Wallet integration
  • EURS listing on digital assets exchanges
  • Institutional grade counterparty in ecosystem (ISDA)
  • STASIS Wallet custom ERC-20 token support
  • Publish STASIS Wallet source code and security audit
  • STASIS Wallet multisignature support for ETH
  • STASIS Wallet multisignature support for BTC
  • Launch EURS on Stellar blockchain for micro transactions
  • Conference for major global financial regulatory bodies
  • Second edition of digital assets book for regulators
  • Pre-packaged solution allowing regulators and financial institutions to tokenize any national currency
  • STASIS ecosystem liquidity tops 100mm euros daily
  • STASIS reserves exceed 500mm euros
  • Community Token generation event
  • EURS crypto MPOS support
  • EURS listed on regulated digital asset exchanges

Our team

Gregory Klumov

Gregory Klumov

CEO & Founder

Vyacheslav Kim

Vyacheslav Kim


Anatoliy Knyazev

Anatoliy Knyazev


Konstantin Orlov

Konstantin Orlov


Paula Pandolfino

Paula Pandolfino

Stasis Foundation

Martin Bruncko

Martin Bruncko

Stasis Foundation


Our team consists of IT and finance experts with fintech backgrounds. The EURS issuer is advised by highly skilled third-party professionals with international experience in investment, asset management, legal, accounting, regulatory, and business development.

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