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STASIS allows to legally digitize any kind of financial asset in a secure and transparent way.


How it works

We create a regulatory compliant tokenized version of any off-chain asset that captures the benefits of blockchain technology.

On chain asset balances are transparent by design. STASIS treasury is verified daily by a licensed third party.

STASIS Subscription

Triple AML on the way to the Crypto Issuer’s bank account

STASIS Redemption

Redeemed tokens disappear from circulation forever


STASIS ESCROW TOKEN — SETⓈ is the EIP-20 compatible stable token issued by STASIS platform. Each SETⓈ represents one respective off-chain asset unit. Auditable by respected authorities and compliant to regulations, SETⓈ is to become the backbone digital currency of the crypto-economy, a useful volatility reduction tool for existing investors, and a transaction unit for the token economy of the future.

In addition to the stable digital currency token SETⓈ a limited issuance of STASIS Community Token (SCT) will be introduced to the investment public in order to fund the development of the infrastructure between traditional finance and the cryptocurrency market.


Сryptocurrency exchanges get a lot of benefits by using the STASIS Escrow Tokens (SETⓈ):
  • Effective solution to counter volatility of digital assets market;
  • Ability to transact directly between exchanges;
  • Boost the reliability of transactions;
  • Increase the trading volumes by attracting institutional customers;
  • Circumvent the traditional financial system from daily operations;
  • Transparent custody currency;

Government relations

The recent rise of cryptocurrencies is the source of both threats and opportunities. Regulation efforts must balance between reducing the former and converting the latter to future tax revenues.

In August 2017, a major US investment bank evaluated the potential of digital assets at $25 trillion, while currently the market has achieved only 0.5% of that number. A sophisticated hedge fund manager, according to his bloomberg interview believes that a $40-trillion valuation can be reached in the next ten years.

The team behind STASIS has unique experience in developing a comprehensive legal framework for asset digitalization. The STASIS platform provides the ability to tokenize any currency via creating its digital equivalent.

We are already engaged with several countries. Our work implies creating fundamentally new regulatory bodies and legislation tools.


We have been collaborating with the government of Malta since 2011. The fact that several well known blockchain startups have moved their headquarters to this country confirms the establishment of a business friendly environment

Astana International Financial Centre

In Kazakhstan, we are involved in the development of a similar business friendly legislation within AIFC — an international financial hub with a legislative and executive power of its own (a “state inside the state”, similar to what Hong Kong was to China). It’s a state-backed initiative, and we have been a part of it since 2017.

We have been collaborating with the government of Malta since 2011. The fact that several well known blockchain startups have moved their headquarters to this country confirms the establishment of a business friendly environment

In Kazakhstan, we are involved in the development of a similar business friendly legislation within AIFC — an international financial hub with a legislative and executive power of its own (a “state inside the state”, similar to what Hong Kong was to China). It’s a state-backed initiative, and we have been a part of it since 2017.


Gregory Klumov

Gregory Klumov

CEO & Founderin

Gregory started his career at the age of 15 as an entrepreneur when he founded a high-speed Internet Service Provider, subsequently moving from IT into finance. He brings more than 15 years of experience in alternatives investment management, that helped him to recognize investment potential of digital assets in the early stages of Blockchain revolution.

Anatoliy Knyazev

Anatoliy Knyazev


Anatoliy is a computer scientist. He started his career as a derivatives trader for his own fund in the early 2000s. Anatoliy's broad experience and in-depth knowledge of market intelligence systems and tools allowed him to develop a unique trading software turned into a Malta-based prime broker Exante. Also, he was the first in the world to launch the Bitcoin-only hedge fund in 2012.

Vyacheslav Kim

Vyacheslav Kim


Vyacheslav has more than 12 years of management experience in Strategic Management, Asset Restructuring, Consulting, Corporate Development, and Finance. He also has a diversified experience in communication with regional authorities and ministries. His core interests include fintech projects, data analytics, and private equity.

Konstantin Orlov

Konstantin Orlov


Konstantin is a leading Russian lawyer advising clients on international corporate and finance transactions. Konstantin worked for large Russian and international businesses, including Renaissance Capital where he was the General Counsel and the Head of Legal and Compliance. Later, he became a partner and the Head of Corporate in the Moscow office of Simmons &Simmons.

Katya Moskalenko

Katya Moskalenko

Marcom & IRin

For the last 7 years, Katya has been working in PR, marketing, and digital communications with small and wide multicultural teams within Europe. She brings extensive offline/online/influencer marketing and community management expertise from her previous roles at Turner Broadcasting, including creative and strategic contributions to a number of startups.

Daria Shalmina

Daria Shalmina


Daria has over 5 years’ experience in corporate analysis and business modeling with large industry players like Fitch Ratings and Raiffeisen Bank. Her scope of professional activity ranges from classic corporate finance to venture capital with the primary focus on business assessment and financial forecasting.

Innovations and traditions

Reshaping the future of finance and digital innovation

STASIS represents the next big step: combining the potential of the cryptocurrency market with the reliability of fiat currencies, and becoming a winning choice for any market behavior.
Using Blockchain
STASIS platform is based on the Blockchain technology, the main innovation of the recent years which raised the world of finance to the new level of security and transparency.
The cost of one unit of the new currency issued on the STASIS platform is tied to the underlying national currency - be it the euro, won or British pound.
STASIS platform and issue of cryptocurrency are supported by government authorities, and reserves are the subject of a regular audit. The implementation of distributed ledger technology aka blockchain can help to reimagine the annual and quarterly audits by making the process as real-time and low-cost as possible.
Each STASIS stable coin token is fully convertible with its fiat equivalent on a 1:1 value basis The reserves are managed according to strict “money market” mandate by the respectful institution.


What is SETⓈ?

SETⓈ represents a digitalized asset which value is tied to the value of its collateral.

What do you mean by “Escrow Token”?

Escrow Token is an asset kept in custody or trust until a specified condition has been fulfilled.

In case of SETⓈ it means that traditional currency funds received from SETⓈ subscription activities are held in a special reserve fund until a SETⓈ redemption claim (specified condition) is issued against them.

What is EURSⓈ?

EURSⓈ is the European Union currency tokenized on a blockchain.

Is your stable token centralized or decentralized?

SETⓈ incorporates both the traditional and the cryptocurrency worlds. While the “token” part runs on Ethereum protocol and is decentralized, its “real” counterpart exists in the traditional finance system. There is no legal way to decentralize it while keeping it safe and regularly monitored. Therefore, for the traditional currency part, STASIS will employ a custody service and will have an auditor to revise it daily.

What is a special reserve fund?

A special reserve fund will accumulate unclaimed currency units received from EURSⓈ subscription.

How do you manage a special reserve fund?

The fund will be managed by a reputable asset management company using a conservative duration-distinguished bucket strategy.

What is SETⓈ subscription?

Subscription is a process of generation new SETsⓈ by issuing them against financial assets.

What is SETⓈ redemption?

Redemption is a process of destruction existing SETsⓈ against a claim for financial assets.

How does EURSⓈ work?

Currency units received by STASIS will be allocated to a reserve fund to provide protection for their digital equivalents. When selling EURSⓈ, an investor will receive money out of the STASIS reserves and the sold EURSⓈ will be destroyed. This process will ensure complete interchangeability between traditional and digital currencies on an equal value basis.

Who makes sure assets match liabilities?

On chain asset balances are transparent by design. Special reserve fund is verified daily by a licensed third party.

Who can use SETⓈ?

Anyone can buy, sell and transact SETⓈ against cryptocurrency on digital asset exchanges (starting June 2018), or via STASIS wallet (starting May 2018). Large currency-to-EURSⓈ requests will be processed by STASIS’s subscription agents.

Who is a Subscription Agent?

A subscription agent is a trusted partner company that has significant reserves of EURSⓈ.

What value can SETⓈ offer to its holders?

SETⓈ is an instrument to counteract the volatility of cryptocurrency markets and to improve the risk & return metrics of crypto- investment portfolios.

Will EURSⓈ be classified as securities?

EURSⓈ will not be classified as securities.

How Stasis will maintain price stability for SETⓈ?

SETⓈ is 1:1 backed by financial asset. The token holder can convert their tokens back to traditional asset on demand. In the case when demand drives SETⓈ price up, an arbitrage opportunity appears. The traditional asset holders will start tokenizing them to exploit the arbitrage opportunity, thus increasing supply of SETⓈ and pushing the price down to the initial state.

Why do think you can compete with other stable coin projects?

STASIS ecosystem can facilitate not just currency-to-EURSⓈ, but any ISIN listed security-to-EURSⓈ conversions, and vice versa. To this day there are no projects apart from STASIS that are agnostic to any type of collateral.

Does STASIS provide any KYC \ AML solution?

STASIS will be fully compliant with the existing European regulatory requirements.

Will it be possible to track the history of asset transfers?

Yes. SET is built on the Ethereum blockchain and one can trace any and all transactions for any given SET.

Does STASIS use escrow accounts?

Our business model does not utilize traditional escrow agent services.

When will your digital asset become tradable?

EURSⓈ will be listed on DSX in June 2018. Preliminary agreements with several other exchanges have been signed.