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We provide a viable euro crypto alternative to USD stablecoins in the digital asset space

STASIS is a European fintech company that designs user-oriented Web3 tools allowing institutional and retail clients to handle digital currencies and public blockchains with elegant simplicity. We are fully prepared to operate in accordance with MiCA regulations.

The largest euro stablecoin

STASIS issues EURS, the sound Internet money for the EU and beyond. This is the most transparent European-based and operated stablecoin. Backed 1:1 by the liquid financial instruments, this blockchain-based digital asset reinforces investors’ trust with 4 verification streams.
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Legal framework & compliance

STASIS has an EU & Switzerland legal setup with a 5-year successful track record. Strict regulatory compliance since day one & treasury management tools allow STASIS to serve customers in 175 countries. We provide the perfect compliant solution to seamlessly connect customers and businesses around the world and drive financial freedom and crypto inclusion.

Blockchain interoperability

STASIS infrastructure allows you to on-/off-ramp your fiat on 6 most popular blockchains — such as Ethereum, Polygon, XDC, XRPL, Algorand and Stellar — “bridge” assets to shortcut financial efficiencies, get the best rates for your targeted crypto, and leverage extensive arbitrage opportunities across the Web3 sector.
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Advisory on Crypto Regulations, CBDC & DLT development

The STASIS team anticipated the advent of EU & MiCA cryptocurrency regulations. We are prepared to leverage our expertise to offer insightful guidance on the subject of blockchain currencies, stablecoins, and Web3 ventures.

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