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Tokenization platform

Tokenization is the process of representing a traditional asset on the blockchain.

A tokenized asset can be instantly and directly transferred between parties, with ownership recorded on a distributed, universally accessible ledger. This removes the need for expensive middlemen, driving down transaction costs and deepening liquidity. It can also open asset classes to new groups of investors, who previously didn’t have access to the infrastructure needed to trade or hold them.

STASIS is a full-stack, regulation-compliant tokenization platform. Along with our partners, we provide:

Token design and smart contract development

Token design and economics, with an audited smart contract to ensure on-chain security.

Smart Contract creation

A secure process for minting and burning ERC20 tokens to represent reserve assets.

Custodial services

Investment-grade custody of the digital assets we issue.

Third-party audits and reserve verification

An unrivalled level of transparency regarding the reserve accounts, including daily statements and regular audits by a top accounting firm.

Legal and regulatory expertise

Third-party legal opinions on the regulatory status of tokenized assets in various major jurisdictions, and well as in-house experts on regulation and government relations.

Market making

Liquidity assurance operations ensure that investors can buy and sell tokenized assets on the market.

All STASIS-issued tokens are fully backed by 1:1 collateral reserves. We provide unparalleled reserve transparency by providing daily statements from our account providers, weekly verifications by a Top 5 global accounting firm, quarterly audits by a Top 5 global accounting firm, and on-demand verifications for new partners.