Bridging traditional finance and new digital economy requires a synergy of interdisciplinary expertise. Our team is a rare example of such synergy that is crucial for building an asset tokenization platform.

We have a diverse experience and a proven track of record in alternative investment, algorithmic trading, blockchain, software development, security, and law.


The solid educational background in mathematics provides our founders with deep understanding of technology behind blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, trading software.

We witnessed the origins of cryptocurrencies and started exploring their potential at the earliest stage of the market development, pioneering in legally compliant alternative investment fund structure.

STASIS CEO Gregory Klumov and CTO Anatoliy Knyazev are renown cryptocurrency visionaries and blockchain experts. In 2012, we founded the world’s first cryptocurrency hedge-fund Bitcoin Fund and made significant proprietary investments at a double digit dollar price.

The fund had a year later become the world’s most profitable hedge-fund in history having shown a record profitability of 4,847% year-on-year.

Finance & investment

Our team members have mastered the strategies and tactics of conventional finance employing a thorough research of global commodities market back in 2008, and closed multi million transactions with listed and private equity commodity producers. For about 15 years certain of our team members have been successfully investing in capex and opex ventures on different stages and benefited from a number of prolific exits.

Beside the consolidation of the regulated trading infrastructure on the national level, certain of our team members succeeded in global operations including international DMA brokerage with proprietary HFT-compatible software and first regulated OTC derivatives-focused UCITS fund based in Ireland.

The alternative asset management track record of a member of our team includes a fund of funds and venture capital allocations.


Of the many areas of our team's technological expertise, the most relevant for the virtual finance are high-frequency trading bots, mining and network services (including building high-capacity server infrastructures).

Our CEO has the experience of running an ISP business, and our key partner Exante develops the proprietary liquid cooled technology of mining together with a cloud mining service under the brand Comino.

Exante an international online brokerage integrated with the world’s top exchanges and featuring homegrown trading terminal is the example of our partner’s fintech achievements.


STASIS founders have the experience of developing derivative-based alternative investment strategies as strictly regulated products within rigorous legal frameworks.

Through their business history they have put significant efforts in ensuring that investment strategies meet numerous requirements that protect the safety of individual investments in a collective investment product. STASIS closest partners enable clients from various jurisdictions to securely access over 50 markets from a single desk.

Gregory KlumovGregory Klumov
Gregory started his career at the age of 15 as an entrepreneur when he founded a high-speed Internet Service Provider, subsequently moving from IT into finance. He brings more than 15 years of experience in alternatives investment management, that helped him to recognize investment potential of digital assets in the early stages of Blockchain revolution.

Vyacheslav KimVyacheslav Kim
Vyacheslav has more than 12 years of management experience in Strategic Management, Asset Restructuring, Corporate Development, and Finance. He also has a diversified experience in communication with regional authorities and ministries. His core interests include fintech projects, data analytics, and private equity.

Anatoliy KnyazevAnatoliy Knyazev
Anatoliy is a computer scientist. He started his career as a derivatives trader for his own fund in the early 2000s. Anatoliy's broad experience and in-depth knowledge of market intelligence systems and tools allowed him to develop a unique trading software turned into a Malta-based prime broker Exante. Also, he together with his partners was the first in the world to launch the Bitcoin-only hedge fund in 2012.

Konstantin Orlov Konstantin Orlov
Konstantin is a project advisor, working for clients on international corporate and finance transactions. Konstantin worked for large international businesses, including Renaissance Capital where he was the General Counsel and the Head of Legal and Compliance. Later, he became a partner and the Head of Corporate in a local office of Simmons &Simmons.

Paula PandolfinoPaula Pandolfino
Paula is a senior investment banking and asset management executive with over 17 years’ industry experience and broad international expertise in fixed Income, derivatives, M&A and corporate finance, private equity, infrastructure, renewable energy. She is a member of STASIS advisory board and a CEO at LWL CA Limited (London, UK).

Jeffrey WernickJeffrey Wernick
Jeffrey is a VC and angel investing celebrity, and a successful hedge fund founder. He started investing in Bitcoin in 2009 and is well known in the cryptocurrency community. Jeffrey is highly experienced with risk management and structured financial products.