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Get access to the digital money with simple single-step interface. Wire EUR to purchase EURS stablecoin or convert it back to your Bank account

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Create an account to get access to the single-step interface to tokenize your EUR or wire EURS stablecoin to your Bank account

Sign up to sell or purchase EURS with a liquidity provider

"Sell" transaction fee0.1%
SEPA wire "Purchase"1 to 1
Visa/MC "Purchase"1.5% (EU), 3.5% (World)
How it works
  • 1Apply for KYC to get verified
  • 2Deposit EURS stablecoin
  • 3Track conversion and withdrawal status
  • 4Receive wire at your bank

Unique & simplified KYC solution

Account opening within 24 hours

Wires in less than a working day

EUR/EURS conversion provided by GOZO exchange

More liquidity providers will be available soon


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