What is EURS?
EURS is the EURO currency tokenized on a blockchain, whose value is tied to the value of its collateral.
Is your stable token centralized or decentralized?
EURS incorporates both traditional and cryptocurrency ecosystems. While the token runs on the Ethereum protocol and is decentralized, its “real” counterpart exists in the traditional finance system. For traditional currency, STASIS will employ a custody service or rely on bank deposits.
How do you manage a collateral reserve?
The reserves will be managed by a reputable asset management company using a conservative duration-distinguished bucket strategy.
What is EURS subscription?
Subscription is the process of generating new EURS by issuing them against the euro or securities.
Who makes sure assets match liabilities?
We provide three verification streams to ensure the sufficiency and transparency of the balances for all STASIS accounts.
  1. daily statements based on statements from the counterparty
  2. quarterly audit by a Big Four company
  3. verification by a Big Four firm on demand or the benefit of an onboarded entity
    Who can use EURS?
    Institutional and other purchasers accredited in their jurisdictions that have passed STASIS KYC/AML procedures will have access to the primary EURS market. Secondary market purchasers can buy EURS on exchanges, while subject to the terms of trading applicable on that exchange.
    What value can EURS offer to its holders?
    EURS is an instrument to counteract the volatility of cryptocurrency markets and to improve the risk and return metrics of crypto- investment portfolios.
    Will EURS be classified as securities?
    According to the legal advice we have received, EURS will not be classified as securities under the laws of Malta.
    How STASIS will maintain price stability for EURS ?
    EURS is 1:1 backed by financial assets. A token holder can sell them to receive traditional fiat assets. In the case where demand drives EURS price up, an arbitrage opportunity occurs. Traditional asset holders may start tokenizing them to exploit the arbitrage opportunity, thus increasing the supply of EURS and pushing the price down to the initial state.
    Why do think you can compete with other stable coin projects?
    The STASIS ecosystem can facilitate not just currency-to-EURS transactions, but also any ISIN listed security-to-EURS conversions and vice versa.
    Does STASIS provide any KYC / AML solution?
    Yes, STASIS has solid KYC/AML procedures for all primary purchasers.
    Will it be possible to track the history of asset transfers?
    Yes. EURS is built on the Ethereum blockchain and one can trace any and all transactions for any given EURS