What types of assets can you tokenize?
Theoretically, any type of asset with clear ownership can be tokenized. Right now we’re focused on fungible assets such as currency and stocks. However, we have the capability to tokenize non-fungible assets as well (e.g. fine art), so if you’re interested in this feel free to contact us.
Who manages the reserves? How?
The reserves are held in accounts at partner institutions that we’ve determined are structured in such a way to keep them as safe as possible. To learn more about the reserves and view our daily account statements, visit our Transparency page.
What assets will you tokenize next?

We’re exploring opportunities with fungible assets where the market would benefit from either deeper liquidity or fractional ownership (or both). To stay up to date on new announcements, you can follow us on Medium and Twitter.

If you’re interested in working with STASIS to tokenize a particular asset, you can send us an email at co@stasis.net.

Is STASIS a market maker?
No, STASIS is not a market maker. We do, however, have carefully selected partners who help provide liquidity for EURS.
What is EURS?
EURS is a stable cryptocurrency, or stablecoin, designed to mirror the price of the euro. It’s fully backed by euros held in our reserve accounts. You can find more information here.
Where can I get it?

Most people get EURS through our partners or on exchanges. Some popular examples are ePayments, HitBTC, and Bancor. You can find a full list of exchanges here.

For investors and institutions looking to acquire a large amount of EURS, we can do a direct emission. For more information on this, you can contact us at co@stasis.net.

Can I exchange EURS for euros?

EURS is quoted by the following institutions: ePayments, Globitex, Exante.

There are also EURS/EUR trading pairs listed on some digital asset exchanges, including DSX and Gozo.

Is it really stable?
Like all stablecoins, the price of EURS sometimes fluctuates slightly on individual exchanges. However, the token is designed so that market forces quickly correct these price changes, so that the token always maintains medium- and long-term stability.
Can I transfer EURS to any Ethereum address?
EURS is an ERC20 token and can be sent to any Ethereum address. However, not all wallet applications have EURS support in their user interface.
I transferred EURS to another Ethereum address and it isn’t showing up. What should I do?

As an ERC20 token, EURS can be sent to any Ethereum address. If the tokens aren’t showing up, we recommend contacting the provider of the wallet or exchange where you sent them.

For further assistance, you can contact us on Telegram.

Yes, both STASIS as a company and EURS as an asset are totally compliant under Maltese law.
Can I recover an address from another wallet?
Yes, you can recover any Ethereum or Bitcoin address as long as you have the private key.
I tried to exchange cryptocurrency within the wallet, and I haven’t gotten the new tokens.
Sometimes there’s a small delay as our software facilitates and confirms the transactions needed for the exchange. If the tokens haven’t shown up in the wallet within 20 minutes, you can contact us on Telegram or at co@stasis.net.
Are you planning to add other cryptocurrencies to the STASIS wallet?
We’re always looking for ways to improve the wallet for our users. For updates, including any additional supported tokens, follow us on Twitter.