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Our PR team is here to help with press and media inquiries about STASIS, tokenization, or stablecoins. Our executives have considerable expertise in finance, tokenization and cryptocurrency regulation, and as such can offer insight on a range of industry topics.

To submit a media inquiry or schedule an interview, please email us at: [email protected].
Stablecoins: Popularized by Facebook, Pilloried by Regulators
A Q&A session on the issues surrounding the growing visibility of relatively stable digital assets, pegged to a basket of currencies. Gregory Klumov argues that "Stablecoins backed by a single currency, promote the national currency beyond its borders, which is what every nation wants"
Lovin Malta:
Malta Prime Minister's Advice To Crypto Companies Facing Banking Woes: "Stablecoin Is The Future"
A bold statement by Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to urge banks in Malta to allow cryptocurrency and blockchain companies to open bank accounts. This was made during the launch of the EURS stablecoin in Malta.
Stablecoin Issuer Promises Full Audits of Euro-Backed Crypto Token
Article on EURS and the appointment of BDO to conduct full audits on reserves as well as quarterly financials.
The Block:
Euro-backed stablecoin issuer Stasis makes promise to become first independently audited stablecoin
An extensive piece portraying the launch of the EURS stablecoin and how the fact that it is independently audited adds to its value.
JPMorgan to Use Digital Coin to Speed Up Corporate Payments
Article on the stablecoin issued by JP Morgan
Inside The Controversial Stablecoin Craze
An analysis of several stablecoins with particular emphasis on EURS.
Bitcoin Magazine:
EU Workers Now Have the Option to Take Their Pay in a Euro Stablecoin
Article on STASIS’ partnership with WorkChain describing how European Union workers can get more financial control.
The FinTech Times:
STASIS launches EURS, a Stablecoin Backed by the Euro
Excellent coverage on the Fintech Times describing the launch of the EURS stablecoin by Stasis in Malta.
Malta-Based Crypto Firm Stasis Launch Euro-Pegged Stable Cryptocurrency
An exciting headline for Malta where Stasis launches EURS, the world’s first stablecoin that is pegged to the EURO. The launch was presided over by Malta’s President, Dr Marie Louise Coleiro Preca and by Malta’s Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat.
What Is EURS Cryptocurrency?
Pre-launch article on EURS detailing its various features.
How STASIS Built a Euro-Backed Stablecoin That Seeks to Challenge the U.S. Dollar’s Dominance in Global Financial Markets
A comprehensive article on cryptocurrency legislation, tokenization, and how stablecoins contribute to greater efficiency for international transactions and financial trading.
Yahoo Finance:
Stasis Onboards First Institutional Client for EURS Stablecoin
Article on Stasis first institutional client and about demand for euro backed stablecoin.
Times Of Malta:
‘Blockchain can be used for social good’, President says
A statement from President of Malta on how blockchain technology can be used for social good. STASIS’ support for the Malta Community Chest Fund is highlighted as an example.