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Government Consulting & Advisory

Cryptocurrencies are a young asset class, and most governments are still deciding how to classify, regulate, and tax them.

Blockchain-related businesses are a potential source of tax revenues for a country. But for a government, any initiative regarding innovations and technology is linked with an unfavorable imbalance of risk and reward.

This is especially true in respect of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. They are a young asset and technology with a vast potential of implementation in real sectors of the economy and a promise of disrupting the traditional financial institutions.

We understand the problems and concerns of government actors and are capable of building policies that balance their risk and reward. Our approach aims to be tailored to regulatory boards’ needs.

Government relations

We possess both technological and legal competences that it takes to deploy infrastructure for digital assets on the public blockchain.

We therefore welcome any blockchain initiatives such as STASIS that while being innovative, will still respect and encourage compliance and we look forward to the company applying for a licence under our recently introduced DLT regulatory framework. The Government of Malta together with all entities looking to be regulated under the DLT Act want to create an environment conducive to the development of the blockchain ecosystem that will make Malta the natural destination for businesses operating in this field.
Silvio Schembri
Minister for Digital Economy and Innovation of Malta
We have been collaborating with the government of Malta since 2011
November 2017: MFSA anticipates reccomendation on "blockchain island" legal framework from market players.

November 2018: EURS runs compliant with the legislation STASIS helped develop.

Education and consulting

The accumulated expertise enables us to evaluate the economic efficiency of blockchain technology implementations.

Our experts are invited by business schools and universities to share their understanding of the newly emerging digital economy and its interplay with the traditional finance. Among others, we have cooperated with International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

STASIS’ book for regulatory bodies

In 2018, we have published a book containing a comprehensive overview and analysis of digital asset regulation in 13 jurisdictions worldwide. We have researched the existing legal frameworks, regulation strategies, approaches, and plans. We have obtained an understanding of typical problems and conflicts that governments face, national and cultural features that may be important in this context.

The book is specifically targeted at state level decision makers and is enriched with reference data on the blockchain and cryptocurrencies: their design, mechanics, features, purposes, risks and benefits.

We overviewed the possible areas of blockchain adoption, explored possible use cases, and embedded the emerging digital assets into the evolution of the global

The book is not meant to be distributed in any digital format. Please request a hard copy via email [email protected].

The book is not meant to be distributed in any digital format. Please request a hard copy via email [email protected].