General partners

The key partner and liquidity provider of STASIS. Exante is an investment company specializing in online trading with access to over 50 markets in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. The team contributes to STASIS its vast technological, financial and trading expertise.


A London-based cryptocurrency exchange that was the first to list EURS, the pioneering stable coin of STASIS.

TOP 10 cryptocurrency exchange with more than 300 cryptocurrencies in total. It provides a technically advanced, fast and powerful platform with fault-tolerance and high liquidity availability for amateur and experienced traders since 2013.

Cryptocurrency exchange with strong focus on trading volume transparency, safety and reliability. A straightforward registration process allows new clients to start trading the most popular cryptocurrencies and tokens in minutes.

The first public crypto exchange in Ukraine with basic infrastructure for local and international finteсh-projects. It includes user-friendly interface, advanced API and 24/7 customer support.

Gozo is safe and fast virtual assets exchange domiciled in EU, Malta and registered with MFSA. Apart from offering multiple STASIS stable coin trading pairs, Gozo is continuously extending the trading instruments list with cryptocurrency futures and swaps.

Payment systems

International B2B payment provider that aims to make it simple for companies to pay to their employees and suppliers and accept payments directly from their marketplaces and clients.

EURS is on the list of supported cryptocurrencies allowing to receive and send them instantly through mobile app and client’s area on the website.

Crypto wallets

A wallet with the unique feature of delegated transfers that make it possible for a user to initiate token transactions without paying GAS (ETH): the account that owns the tokens can delegate the authority to transfer them to another account.

Liquidity prodivers
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MPOS acquirers

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